Funded or Private?

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You may have been signposted to SilverCloud from somewhere else, such as an employer, education or health service. If you have been advised that your programme has been funded, please select this option to continue. You will be asked to state who is funding your programme. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please contact us at LINC so we can help.



You can access SilverCloud without the need for a referral by selecting one of the payment options below.

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Supported Option - £245

A dedicated supporter will provide guidance, feedback and encouragement as you work through the program.

Personalised feedback – you choose what content and activities you share with your supporter but the more you share the better able they will be to provide personalised and helpful feedback.

If you need to ask a question - SilverCloud facilitates the secure exchange of messages between you and your supporter.

Apply for a supporter by selecting the button below. You can start your program straight away – a supporter will be automatically assigned to you once you have completed the signup process.


Self Help Option - £95

Supporters are available to help you get the most from the program, we recommend that users who sign-up for the program utilise the supported option.

However, in certain circumstances you may feel that you can work through the program without additional support. If you wish to work through this programme without supporter guidance, sign up for the self-help option by selecting the button below.

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